Today I made a “healthy” version of congri, or kidney beans and rice.   By healthy I mean I used brown rice instead of the typical white rice and olive oil instead of frying bacon.  The sodium was high, I know, but I drink a lot of water and have very low sodium things the rest of the day so it was all right for me.  I used canned kidney beans to save time, so I drained the beans and reserved the liquid. Then I used water for the remaining liquid. *I pour water in the can, swirl it around, and pour it in the measuring cup so I can still get the rest of the bean juice.  It turned out very tasty and the brown rice doesn’t alter the taste.  My mom didn’t even know until I told her later.  I’m going on a health kick so I’m working on simple substitutions.  Mom and I also went to the track today.  She walked and I jogged/walked.  Took a lot out of me but I feel great.  My cardiovascular health sucks so I’m looking forward to working on it.  Tomorrow I’m making gazpacho, a cold healthy vegetable soup, mmm.


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