Arroz Amarillo y Torticas de Morón

I didn’t write Monday because I didn’t feel like it and I didn’t cook yesterday. Monday I made arroz amarillo or yellow rice. Classically, saffron is used to flavor and color the rice but since saffron is really expensive, people generally used substitutes like Bijol powder. Unfortunately, since I live in Small Town, Middle Tennessee, hispanic products are in short supply. (It’s even hard finding green plantains.) So, since I didn’t have saffron or bijol, I found McCormick brand “Sazón” in Food Lion which works just as well. The rice turned out well but I’m still having issues with consistency. It’s not desgranado. I made white rice in the microwave today and the consistency turned out better! Is it because I didn’t rinse the rice before? Or maybe all the stuff I add adds too much liquid? I don’t know, I’ve got to figure it out. I’d like to try arroz con pollo sometime. I’ve never cooked chicken but it doesn’t see that hard…

Today I made torticas de morón which are cuban sugar cookies named after the town Morón in Cuba. (Emphasis of the last syllable, NOT like moron.) Actually it’s the town my dad is from. They’re incredibly simple cookies but VERY unhealthy. The only ingredients are flour, sugar, vegetable shortening, and grated lime or lemon peel. They have kind of a weird texture. I mean, it’s not weird to me because I’ve had them all my life but I imagine it’d be a little weird to others since I’ve never had anything like it.

I also made picadillo again today but a “healthy” version with ground turkey. It was still good but not quite the same as beef. The color was sacrificed since ground turkey doesn’t get brown apparently. I made it the same way as the previous one except I added Sazón for color. I think I’d just use lean beef next time if I want to make it healthy. I could have used brown rice instead of white to make it more healthy but didn’t feel like it.

I’m not sure what recipe I’ll do next—scratch that, I know exactly what. We’re visiting Daniel at Governor’s School this Saturday and I promised I’d cook him a care package of goodies. I’m making garlic Parmesan soft pretzels and guava pastries. I’ve made both before.  I think I’m burning out a bit on cooking, probably because I cooked everyday for 8 days straight.  Hopefully I’ll hang in there.  There’s still recipes I want to try.

I don’t know what I need to do to get in shape. I want to go hard-core into exercise but I think I need someone kicking my ass or something. Don’t know…


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