Torrejas: FAIL

That previous post refers to the flan Ryan and I made yesterday at his apartment.  Stupid me put the flan in a spring-form pan (I didn’t even know what it was until Ryan told me, and he’d never made flan before so he didn’t know it wouldn’t work.)  We knew it was bad news when bubbles came up when we put it in the Maria’s bath, but we figured we’d try it anyway.  When we took it out some of the flan and carmelized sugar seeped out into the other pan and formed this weird coral-looking gelatin.  And it’s still leaking carmelized sugar in his fridge.  It turned out mediocre, but Ryan liked it anyway.  I was upset that it wasn’t awesome for a while though.

When I came back from Murfreesboro today I showered then tried making torrejas, which is Cuban french toast, as dinner for me and mom.  I used the Memories of a Cuban Kitchen book’s directions but it just didn’t work out.  The directions said to soak the bread for a long time but the bread came out WAY too soggy to fry.  It was like gross gelatinous bread.  (It smelled good though.)  I have no idea how this was supposed to work.  I need to look up alternate recipes or something.  It’s not that it didn’t work out that made me mad, but rather the waste of resources.  Two days, two disappointments.  I’m not discouraged though.  If anything I’m MORE encouraged.  I’m making TWO recipes tommorrow (since it’s Saturday).

On the brightside, when I talked to dad today he said he really liked the yuca fritter I left for him (said it went really well with his beer, lol) and he said he loved the natilla.  So that definitely made me happy.  : )  Tomorrow I’m tackling a pretty big recipe: moros y christianos, rice and black beans cooked together.  It’s one of my favorites so I hope it works!


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