Frituras de Yuca

Wow, dinner has sedated me.  I hardly feel like writing this.  Today I made frituras de yuca, or yuca fritters.  Yuca, or cassava as it’s also known, is a root with a starchy bland interior much like potatoes.  Since they have very little of their own flavor they are very versatile.  I’ve never been a fan of yuca because it’s so bland but I do like fried yuca.  Yuca fritters are essentially that, except mashed into a batter with other stuff to give it flavor.  Since I’m not feeling like writing much, check out the recipe in the Recipes So Far tab on how to make it.  They actually turned out pretty good, but I put too much salt.  Actually, I put the amount of salt the recipe said but that turned out to be too much, so next time I’ll just put a dash.

Since it’s a side dish I had to make the rest of my dinner.  I had another Cuban comfort food tonight that will sound weird to most people: White rice mixed with a fried egg (the yellow still runny) and ketchup.  I know it sounds bizzare but it’s so good.  I used to have it when I was a kid and I recently rediscovered it’s simple deliciousness.  It’s one of those meals people make when there’s nothing else in the house to eat.  And actually it’s not just a Cuban thing.  Last year in Spanish class when we were all talking about food, my Peruvian professor mentioned that his mom used to make it for him too. : D

I’ve been doing pretty well.  One recipe a day for four days straight.  Tomorrow I’ll be taking a break to catch up with Ryan, but next, or soon, I hope to tackle moros y cristianos. : )


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